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Spencer Fox quits gay porn, sneers at agents

Last week was a very busy week in gay porn land. First, Harry Louis announced he had left the gay porn industry. Then Austin Wilde was fired by Next Door Studios and only a few days later Austin’s boyfriend Anthony Romero left Next Door Studios as well.

This week, the drama continues… at least there’s a good start. Spencer Fox, also quits his gay porn job and writes about all his frustrations with and the wrongdoings of the adult model agencies in this blog post.

Especially Fabscout and its owner Howards must take the rap. The funny thing however, is that Spencer Fox has never worked for Fabscout and Howard claims to have never even met him.

Spencer Fox has worked for various sites, including Jake Cruise, Next Door Male, CockSure Men, Cocky Boys, BelAmi Online, Falcon Studios and

Spencer Fox talks bad about Fabscout model agency

In his post on a blog called “Fagscout“, he complains about the high commissions models have to pay to their model agencies. Spencer ends his rant with a piece of text, which was written for both Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero. Here’s the full post:

Hi everyone! Sorry I took this down immediately after I wrote this. I was being blacklisted by Howard via his excessive pimping power in the GAY porn industry since he controls 99% of the dogs that bend over for him and lick his old doggy bone. I was still working in the industry at the time so I had to take it down or I would have stopped getting work,, but now that I quit. (For real this time) IDGAF HAHAHAHAHA

Here at FagScouts, We as a (one man company) strive to be the best in what we do. We not only work for ourselves *cough I mean our models but help them in every way possible in their growth, nurture them… blah blah blah

Does anyone know what the agencies such as FORD, Wilhelmina, IMG have in common with Pacific Blue, Bailey Productions and FabScout
Is it that there is a commission paid by the actor or talent?

You are half correct, the truth of the matter is that the job or responsibility of the agency is to provide a working opportunity with each individual under contract, in exchange for a service fee from the company that hires the model.

Agencies that deal with pornography, however such as Bailey Productions, Fab Scout, and Pacific Blue have made it their personal business to earn a little or a lot in a 15% or 20% case extra butter with their bread by taking advantage of the models that usually enter the adult entertainment industry out of sheer desperation in financial crisis.

Even though 100% of your wages earned has to go to taxes, these agents, or white collard pimps, a term better used to describe them for their actions will demand 15-20% of your wages earned before taxes, leaving you either in trouble with the IRS or about 60% amount of total income earned.
That sounds pretty bad right? Don’t kid yourself, it gets worse. Like any nasty fat pimp, if you don’t pay up that dick sucking money like the low class prostitute these white collared pimps believe you to be, then they are going to stop offering their “protection” to you from all the big bad people in the world, and do everything in their power to make life for you as miserable as they probably feel on the inside.

The job of an agent that deals with pornographic actors is no easy task by any means necessary. It requires exercising a hand to a phone, dialing a number, communicating to whomever it may concern: I have a beautiful versatile model, for you to stick into your calendar to get fucked any way you desire, sit back and collect $200-300 from the company. Repeat.

The job of the model/actor, on the other hand is incredibly easy greasy
Other than having to cleverly argue your way out of the lowest rates mandated, support yourself financially, on top of spending thousands of dollars on supplements, tanning/ beauty products, training countless hours at the gym, sacrifice most fun social activities, being treated like a whore, having sex in front of people with other people for the whole world to see, risking the chance of getting a STD, waiting around all day with no one telling you what’s going on, and mutilate personal partnerships with loved ones……

Really easy lifestyle right? Makes you want to give even more than 20% of your wages earned before the U.S. government takes their share in taxes to that hard working agent you love so much for “protecting” you and keeping those dicks lined up for you to suck.
Maybe I should become an agent myself, so I can stop being such a lazy good for nothing model/actor, in porn of course, because honestly, who really doesn’t deep down inside dream of becoming that fat greedy slob POS that feeds off of the carcasses they create year after year.
I mean, why just have those delicious pies, when you could eat the people who made them too?

Yours Truly

Spencer Fox. Xoxo

P.S. All of you porno boys who take it up the ass from Howard, congratulations on getting more scenes and exposure from being a soulless whore. I mean, you literally took selling your body to a different level than I ever could.

And to all the porn dogs that grovel in fear to a fat greedy pimp just to be able to sell your ass on camera. You are all pathetic.

To Austin Wilde, and Anthony Romero: You guys are pieces of shit. You bit at the hand that fed you greedy performers for so many years just because you two were so arrogant, that you couldn’t even do a scene with other porno actors who are less experienced.


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