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Randy Blue: Cody Lake (and a FleshJack)

Cody Lake for Randy Blue

Cody Lake is so much fun.  He’s got a small frame that is packed with all kinds of good stuff.  Handsome face, furry chest and nice big dick.  He’s also got a sexual energy that seems to have no end.  Laying in the hot summer sun, beads of sweat dripping down his face, he strokes his cock not caring if anyone happens to notice.

His furry chest is shiny with sunblock  as he runs his fingers lightly over his nipples then working them down to fondle his nice low hanging balls as his other hand works up and down the shaft.  Just as easily he flips over and teases his hole with his fingers.  His face, a mask of deep concentration and ecstasy, gives you a perfect idea of how much he gets off on this.

He’ll go back to working his rock hard cock with a Fleshjack, dreaming of a hot ass he’d love to fuck.  He’s also got a bit of sass.  If you caught his live show you’ve heard the mouth this guy has on him.  But it’s all a playful game.  He loves seeing if he can get a rise out of you, in one way or another.

We think he likes to be cocky because he wants you to ram your cock in his mouth.  But behind the scenes he’s a nice as can be.  Which makes his impish stance in his videos all the more delicious.  We can’t wait to see him with some of our other Randy Blue guys.

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Chaosmen: Solomon (Edge Video)

Chaosmen Edge videos-

We have been very patient, but we are glad to see the Edge video with Solomon has been released! This Edge video is an exploration of Pain Management…as requested by Solomon himself! Not for the faint of heart!

Solomon was set to do a Serviced video, but when I showed him the Edge chair, and explained how we try to push limits and explore fetishes, he started spilling out what his favorite things to do in bed were. If you missed it, he talks about his fetish in the beginning of his first solo shoot.

The fantasy sequences are all Solomon’s ideas. He wanted to go buy a teeth/mouth guard for some full-on punching to the face, but both Ransom and I balked at it. I think he wanted to come away from the shoot with a black eye. We stuck to standard props like a riding crop, and some spanking and hitting in his cock and balls. Not sure what goes on in Solomon’s head, but he loved every minute of doing this video. The dude heals fast too, ‘cuz by the time we go to do his cumshot, there isn’t in a red mark on him.

Solomon is beautiful but a little cocky. I mentioned that I think he pushes people’s buttons so he can get a rise out of them. He loves a good smack-down! This Edge video allows him to go full-tilt in exploring the fetish. He left the video VERY satisfied, though ironically, he thought we could have gone harder with him!

If you always wanted to play rough with a straight cocky boy, this Edge video will satisfy. If you don’t “get” rough play, then likely you might wince a couple times. Regardless, this is a standout Edge video!

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Straight Rent Boys: Nick and Eli

Straight Rent Boys downloads

Nick and Eli are back this week at Straight Rent Boys. I began the video by reminding them that last week we talked about doing anal. They kinda laughed that one off. I asked Nick if he picked up any more boys in the bathroom and he said he made another $900 or so. (Sometimes I think I am in the wrong business.)

So we finally get down to business and discuss how much this anal scene is going to cost. Last week they each got $700 for oral sex. These guys are some tough negotiators. We finally agree on $1050 each, with a little twist. For the extra $50 they had to kiss. I guess I still have it in me and can throw in some good action for $50.

God. You gotta love straight jocks. When I was asking them who was going to top and who was going to bottom, I had to ask them if they knew what top and bottom meant. So they actually start to kiss and I had to complement them for their good effort. Anyways enough of my rambling. Better that you just watch the video and see these two straight boys (yes, they are really straight) kiss, suck, and fuck.

Did I waste the extra $50 I paid them? Let me know what you think.

Download the full length video

Sean Cody: Immanuel fucks Jeff

Sean Cody downloads_

I think Immanuel liked fucking another guy more than he thought he would. Maybe it was the hard muscled body action? Or finally getting to act on some gym fantasy he’s had? Since he does spend a lot of time in the gym, I wondered if he ever “mistakenly” glanced over at anyone’s dick in the locker room. “What’s the biggest penis you’ve ever seen?” I asked Immanuel.

“I don’t know…” he said hesitantly. “You’ve been in locker rooms right?” “But I don’t look!” He kind of replied with an bashful laugh. “Just guess.” He used his hands to demonstrate the size of the biggest cock he’s “never” seen at the gym. “I don’t know… about yay.”

I could tell Jeff was waiting to show Immanuel what he was hiding under his shorts, so I asked him to show him his “yay.” Immanuel looked pleasantly shocked. “That’s more YAY!” he smiled as he held his hands wide apart…

Watch the video at Sean Cody

Helix Studios: Keegan Adams fucks Tyler West

Helix Studios

Keegan makes friends with Tyler West’s military boy bubble butt in this hot fuck scene. Tyler happily goes down on Keegan’s hard-on, getting resident Fratboy really worked up for his tight hole. Keegan never fails to bring on the power pounding he’s known for. Tyler West takes it like a champ, his creamy smooth ass cheeks getting slammed by Keegan’s hard fucking. We definitely know how Tyler likes it, judging by his explosive cum load.


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College Dudes: Buddy Davis fucks Adam Marx

College Dudes

We love seeing two beefy athletic jocks going at it, and Buddy Davis paired with Adam Marx is a dream come true. Adam has a great body and beautiful ass, the kind that just deserves to be pounded. Our resident stud-in-chief Buddy is more than happy to give it to Adam, too! Adam hops of the bed after making out with Buddy, kissing his neck and feeling his tight muscles, but the muscle Adam is most concerned with is Buddys cock, and he gives it the extra special treatment.

Buddy loves Adams hot blowjob and soon is face-fucking Adam and getting extremely aroused. No sooner than a few minutes into the scene Buddy is on the verge of busting from Adams warm mouth, but he has other plans in mind. Buddy hikes Adam up into doggie-style, with Adams hot ass in the air, then Buddy goes to town, slowly inching in at first before plowing away.

Adam is the kind of stud we love to see fucked hard, and he gives Buddy his asshole like a champ. Adam ends up riding Buddy for a good long while, getting Buddy balls deep several times and enjoying a good fucking from below. Buddy can barely stand the excitement, though, and he turns over Adam onto his back, fucks the cum out of him, then whips his condom off and dumps a hug load over Adams hot bod.

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Fratmen.TV: Liam

Liam solo at Fratmen

This summer Liam has spent a few weeks in the FratPad, where he did a lot of muscle training.  Right before he went back to school, he jerked his big uncut cock for us one last time. But it turns out that wasn’t the last cumshot at all. Our hairy and more musclular Liam has returned to Fratmen.TV, where he again jerks his big uncut dick. He really transformed from a fratboy to a fratmen.

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Chaosmen: Solomon

Solomon solo at Chaosmen-

Did you grow up with a cocky jock who you secretly envied? Maybe he was a nice guy to you, but you figured he was super straight and you would never stand a chance with him. Kind of full-of-himself, but not in too annoying in a way. Perhaps he was so proud of his body that he would parade around the locker room nude, whipping his junk around? What is great about Solomon is that he is that dude!

His solo is intense too. He is often looking at the video playing for him, but he finally takes an interest in the audience, then his own body. The best part is when he discovered he could slide his cock head into his own ass. I think that was a first for him and I am pretty sure we haven’t seen that on Chaosmen before.

The fact that he was fucking himself with his own cock made his dick almost too hard to do the backward bend he was doing to push it in. Solomon likes it rough and he likes pain! According to Chaosmen, we should stay tuned for a vicious EDGE video with Solomon. We’ll be patient, we’ll wait (but not too long please).

Watch Solomon is the solo video at Chaosmen

Rub Him: Chocolate Man

Trace Michaels and the chocolate man at Rub Him

Trace Michaels is the resident masseur at Rub Him. Today, a gorgeous black man with back issues comes to see him. Trace gives the guy a good rub, but our hairy friend wants more than that. As soon as the black guy is fully covered in oil, he firmly grabs his big balls. The guy isn’t really receptive at first, but once he feels Trace’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock, he just let him work his cock.

The black straight muscle jock is now rock hard and he agrees to fuck Trace on the massage table. He turns out to be a wild and rough fucker and fucks Trace in many different styles. When he is ready to shoot out his load, Trace’s mouth is there to catch the creamy juice and swallow it!

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My Brother’s Hot Friend: Lucas Vitello & Brice Carson

My Brother's Hot Friend trial membership

Lucas is looking around his brother’s room when he finds a double-ended dildo! As he is checking it out his brother’s best friend, Brice, walks in and notices Lucas hiding something behind his back. Brice grabs the dildo and asks Lucas if he has ever used one. Lucas says he hasn’t and agrees to watch Brice try it out.

It doesn’t take long before both guys impale themselves on the double-headed dildo. After playing with the dildo for a while, Brice starts to suck Lucas’ big cock. Lucas really enjoys the feeling of Brice’s wet and warm mouth wrapped around his cock, but he soon wants more. He convinces Brice to offer him his ass and not much later he shoves his dick deep inside Brice’s tight ass.

Lucas rides Brice’s tight ass like a mad-man, changing positions several times. After the intense fucking, Lucas orders Brice to suck his cock some more, which he does. Lucas is about to blow his load, but he holds back and saves his warm load of jizz. The jocks lay down on the bed and jerk themselves off until they both shoot an amazing load of cum.

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Bound Jocks: Topher DiMaggio

Bound Jocks trial membership

In this hot video we see Topher DiMaggio like we have never seen him before: BOUND! Topher started as a gay porn model for Chaosmen and Randy Blue in 2007. Later, he worked for Falcon Studios and COLT. He did solo jerk off videos as well as hardcore videos. Over the years, he has grown as a performer and he is in really good shape now.

If you like jocks and bondage, you must watch this video and see Topher struggling in bondage, while trying to work his big cock.

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Cocky Boys: Mason and Spencer flip fuck

Mason Star and Spencer Fox flip fuck

One of this week’s videos over at Cocky Boys contains a lot of inches. That’s right, Spencer Fox and Mason Star have been paired up for some amazing ass pounding. Both jocks are well hung and they both love to show off their big cocks. The video begins with the guys exchanging blowjobs and getting their cocks hard and ready for the real job.

First Spencer sits down on Mason’s big dick and moves up and down, shoving that big dick deeper in his asshole. But Spencer wants to feel a tight ass around his dick as well, so the guys switch positions, so Spencer can fuck Mason. This is a great video with two versatile guys who are really into fucking. In the end Mason Star gets showered with cum!

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BelAmi Online: Derek Raser

Derek Raser is BelAmi's pin-up

Today, BelAmi Online has a great Pin-Up special for the fans of hot studly muscle jocks. Meet Derek Raser who is nothing short of a stunning bodybuilder. We like everything we see especially his hard abs and hairless body. Plus Derek has a delicious piece of uncut meat hanging between his legs  Watch Derek as he poses, flexes and strips for the camera.

Download the full length video at BelAmi

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