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Chaosmen: Austin fucks Mason

Austin and Mason at Chaosmen-

I would love to keep putting Austin with other hairy guys for a furfest, but as fans of the hirsute know, guys with full-on body hair are like unicorns! Mason is as smooth as they come. Even his pubes looked trimmed, but honestly, I don’t think they get much longer than they already are.

But the two worked well together. Austin was pleased to have a more one-on-one scene, “there were dicks flying everywhere in the last one!” Austin is still not ready to bottom, not sure he will go down that path, but we will see. He seems to be considering it.

For now though, they eagerly blow each other. Though Austin and Mason both excel at topping and bottoming, Mason sure is enjoying bottoming in this video. Mason gets pretty close to coming in a semi-standing position. He unloads A LOT of DNA!

Austin seemed far from coming, so Mason said he would take a facial. I forgot what a distance shooter Austin is. It flies everywhere, with some hitting Mason’s mouth, but mostly coating his entire body. When Austin’s dick shoots, it is like an unmanned fire hose squirting every which way!

Download the full video at Chaosmen

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