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Men of Montreal: Alexy Tyler fucks Felix Brazeau

Alexy Tyler and Felix Brazeau

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Felix Brazeau gets fucked by Alexy Tyler

Spring is in the air and Montreal, like a Phoenix, is coming alive again after months of a winter lull. And, the city is not the only thing awakening in this scene. Alexy Tyler and Félix Brazeau really hit it off.

After taking a long stroll and chatting away in the city’s Old Port, the guys headed back to the hotel for Félix’s bottom initiation. With every new scene Félix surprises us as he opens a new and bigger chapter in his path of guy-on-guy sex discovery. In our last scene with Félix, we discovered that he was a good rimmer. This time around we get to see his obvious talent at sucking dick.

Alexy couldn’t believe that Félix was still learning the ropes. In fact, when we took a brief pause in shooting during our newbie’s cock-sucking of his partner, our seasoned German porn star was abuzz. He caught his breath and burst out: “I can’t believe you are new at this!” Félix had a definite sparkle in his eye and a grin of pride on his face with such compliments coming from an experienced porn actor. Indeed, it’s a shame that Félix has only recently discovered his interest in guys… So many men have been deprived of such talent for so many years! However, we are only too happy to help him catch up for lost time.

Alexy reciprocated with a fine blow job of his own. Félix was so turned on at times that he couldn’t stay in place, squirming and gyrating with every deep throating that he was receiving.

Things got even more intense when it came time for Alexy to fuck our rookie shamelessly. That little ottoman was traveling back and forth non-stop as Alexy’s dick was busting Félix’s virgin ass. During their walk in the park, Félix had mentioned that he was nervous and he had asked Alexy to be gentle, as he had only taken dildos up his ass prior to this scene. After a good fucking on the ottoman, Alexy asked the newcomer if he was ready for more on the bed. Félix grabbed his partner’s arms firmly and exclaimed “yes” with so much eagerness that in just one leap they were both on the bed for some more ass pounding action.

Félix sat on Alexy’s dick with such ease. Groaning and squealing, he just rode Alexy with such passion and intensity. But it wasn’t long before our veteran was ready to pop his nut. Again, Félix surprised us as he was more than eager to have Alexy shoot in his face. Once Alexy shot, they then kissed with a nice cum swapping. Félix is a naturally passionate and outgoing guy. We could see that he had a great time shooting this scene with Alexy and he new that he did well. So, with this air of contentment, he laid back and jacked off for Alexy and for you… delivering a nice coating of cum.

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