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Dirty Tony: Jeremy Stevens fucks Zachary Perry

Jeremy Stevens fucks Zachary Perry

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Jeremy and Zachary for Dirty Tony

Zachary is waiting for Jeremy to get out of the shower. But Jeremy is taking longer than expected because his back hurts. When he comes into the bedroom, Zachary tries to help by giving him a back rub. First he’s rubbing gently on Jeremy’s upper back. As he starts to work his way lower, Jeremy is starting to feel better. Zachary has a special trick that always seems to make him feel better.

While Jeremy’s got his eyes closed, Zachary whips his dick out and shoves it in Jeremy’s face. Instinctively, Jeremy starts sucking away. Zachary is loving the tongue bath his hard dick is getting. But he wants to get some of his own oral satisfaction. He pulls Jeremy’s towel away; revealing a stiff, thick cock. He wraps his supple lips around the meat and begins swallowing it whole.

When the shorts come down, Zachary is wearing a jock strap. He seizes the opportunity and rams his tongue into Zachary’s asshole. Jeremy mounts Zachary from behind and begins stuffing his cock deep into the wet chasm. Zachary turns his head so that he can suck face with Jeremy while he’s getting tagged in his ass.

Zachary rolls onto his side so that Jeremy can pound him while standing at the edge of the bed. Zachary’s legs are split wide open while Jeremy’s giant snake rams into his hole. Jeremy hands over control to Zachary, laying on his back. Zachary immediately climbs on top and goes for a ride cowboy style, sliding up and down on Jeremy’s thick cock.

Zachary is feeling pretty good and white gobs of cum begins gushing from his hardon while he continues the ride. Jeremy pulls his cock from Zachary’s ass and kneels above him. Zachary opens his mouth wide, catching the spray of jizz that repeatedly jumps from Jeremy’s cock.

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