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Naked Sword: Woody Fox and Angelo Marconi (Grindhouse pt 2)

Woody Fox and Angelo Marconi

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In the first episode of Grindhouse, we have seen strip club owner Trenton Ducati fucking Seth Knight, who came by for an audition. This is part 2 of the 4 part web series Grindhouse, which was produced by mr. Pam.

Trenton Ducati may run the hottest show in San Francisco, but he still can’t escape his past. In this case, Angelo Marconi, a shadowy prison pal who comes to the club looking for repayment of an old loan.

Trenton doesn’t have the cash on hand, so he applies for an extension using handome Australian dancer Woody Fox as collateral. Angelo is tempted by Woody’s sexy voice and fit young body, but it’s the Aussie’s huge veiny dick that really seals the deal.

Turns out there IS sex in the champagne room after all, and it’s Angelo who wants his cork popped — with plenty of fizz. But just as the two collapse into a pile of sweat and flesh, a surprise guest walks in — and the real debauchery begins!

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