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Circle Jerk Boys: Devin Adams fucks Duncan Black

Devin Adams fucks Duncan Black

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Devin Adams and Duncan Black for Circle Jerk Boys
We are bringing you a special update this week on Circle Jerk Boys that just screams Double Trouble. Devin Adams is back with us and he welcomes new comer to the site cutie Duncan Black. Devin is kicking back on the workout bench while Duncan keeps staring at his dick. “You got something for me?” Duncan grins admitting he’s kinda hungry at the moment.

He reaches over and starts to grope Devin’s growing cock. He unzips his jeans and takes out Devin’s cock. Devin gasps as Duncan swallows his dick. He glides his hot mouth up and down on Devin’s throbbing cock as Devin moans his appreciation. Duncan is on his knees worshiping that cock and taking it as far down his throat as he can. Devin pulls Duncan to his feet and gets behind him to undo Duncan’s jeans and help get him out of them.

He peels down Duncan’s tight boxer-cut briefs that are struggling to contain his boner. Duncan’s thick cock is standing at attention and needing some of the same. Devin kneels and goes to work ret urning the favor as he swirls his tongue along the underside of Duncan’s cock. He slides that cock into his mouth getting him horny for more.

He then spins Duncan around to get a taste of that smooth ass. Devin shoves his face inside as his tongue starts to fuck that hot hole. Duncan is writhing in ecstasy as he gets that ass rimmed deep. “I’m gonna fuck that ass’ Devin teases ‘you ready for it?” He stands up and gets that dick in place as he slides it inside that spit lubed hole. Duncan groans aloud as Devin starts fucking that ass deep.

He slaps that ass as he buries his fat meat deep into Duncan’s tight ass. Devin is getting that ass doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at Duncan’s hole. Devin then gets Duncan on his back as he kneels on the floor for more. He holds those legs up as his cock finds its way back inside that hot hole. Devin’s pelvis is on overdrive as he slams into that hot ass that’s milking his sweet dick.

His thick cock hits Duncan’s sweet spot over and over until he can’t hold off any longer. “I’m gonna cum!” he moans as Devin fucks him harder sending his load all over his smooth abs. Devin is seconds behind him as he pulls out and shoots his own load all over Duncan’s cum-drenched navel.

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