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Men Over 30: Josh Long fucks Brenn Wyson

Josh Long fucks Brenn Wyson

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Josh Long fucks Brenn Wyson at Men Over 30

Brenn Wyson is back in the house at Men Over 30 and joining him is cutie Josh Long! Josh is hangin’ out reading when there’s a knock on the door. Brenn lets himself in as he asks Josh where his Dad is. He’s not around, so Brenn forces Josh to his knees. He shoves his face into his crotch as Josh tries to tell him he’s straight! “You like fuckin’ dick!?”

Brenn teases as he undoes his pants and shoves his cock into Josh’s mouth. Josh can’t help but suck Brenn’s meat as Brenn bounces his head on his growing dick. “That’s a good little boy” Brenn coos as he gets all his meat down Josh’s throat. Josh gags on that dick as Brenn gets more aggressive ordering him to do it right. Brenn then gets him up and strips him down so that he can get some dick too.

Josh sits back in all his furry glory as he watches Brenn go from dominant to submissive, slurping on Josh’s growing meat. “You wanna suck my ass, little boy?” Brenn coos as he seizes Josh’s apparent willingness. Josh feverishly takes to that ass shoving his tongue deep inside as Brenn bucks that smooth ass back all over Josh’s face. All that tonguing gets Brenn horny for more as he sits Josh back and climbs aboard.

Brenn rocks back and forth as he tries to get every inch of young Josh’s dick up inside him. Josh just moans as he grabs Brenn’s ass and slams it down harder on his bone. Doggy is next as Brenn orders him to shut the fuck up and just fuck him. Brenn’s getting that ass railed by Josh who’s giving it to him as hard as he knows how.

Missionary is going to take them home as Josh gives Brenn all the dick he needs. Brenn explodes all over his chest as Josh fucks the cum outta him. Josh then pulls out and unloads his own thick nut all over Brenn’s cum glazed abs.

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