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Chaosmen: Haigan and Kristopher

Kristopher sucks Haigan's cock

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Kristopher blows Haigan through a gloryhole

Last week I mentioned that Haigan sure drew his limits in an unusual place.  He said he was down for doing a G:hOle video, but wasn’t quite ready to suck a guy’s dick. Ironically, he said he had no problems rimming a dude’s ass.  That is usually the last thing I can get guys to do.

He has eaten many girl’s ass, so he figured how different could it be? Well, he did tell me after the shoot that he struggled a bit, though I can’t see it on film. He forgot there would be some hair around Kristopher‘s hole, and that threw him a bit. Compared to some of the other models, Kristopher doesn’t have a ton, but Haigan did have a tough time trying to imagine he was licking a girl’s ass.

But over all, he did amazing! He loved having his cock worshiped through the hole, and you can really see how his cock went from ‘just kinda hard’ to ‘gonna bust soon’ mode.  Kristopher, as always, is a consummate cock-sucker, toying with Haigan’s cock like a cat with a piece of dangling…rope. Uncut rope too!

They turn to some mutual ass eating, and then Haigan bust a major nut all over Kristopher’s face.  Kristopher then rubs one out, then licks clean Haigan’s cock!

Download the full gloryhole video at Chaosmen

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