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Sean Cody: Joshua barebacks Curtis

Joshua barebacks Curtis

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Joshua fucks the cum out of Curtis

It was mid-morning when we returned to the house. I had taken Joshua and Curtisout to breakfast for some bonding time. They were joking and giggling the whole time, and it was obvious they were hitting it off. We were doing a few things to get ready. I had to step into the other room for a moment, and when I did I heard: “Dude, you’re hot, bro…”

That was definitely Curtis. I would recognize his shy, southern drawl anywhere. “Thanks man!” Joshua said. “No, seriously,” Curtis whispered. “You’re giving me a total hard on.” Now, Curtis is a picky bottom, so I was happy that he was this excited so early! There’s something else I know about Curtis… if the other guy’s dick is the right shape and size, he will be on the edge the whole time. And that’s what happened with Joshua.

“Keep going, keep going…” Curtis said as Joshua was pounding him. Curtis was definitely loving it. And then all of a sudden: “Stop.” “You fucked the cum out of him!” I said to Joshua. “Damn, that felt so good,” Curtis said. “I couldn’t help it!” We took a break for some lunch and then came back. It had only been about an hour or so. “Are you guys ready to go again?” I asked. “Hell yeah!” they both said, smiling at each other…

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