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Sean Cody: Dane and Jarek fuck Grayson

Dane and Jarek fuck Grayson

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Dane, Jarek and Grayson at Sean Cody

Dane was giggling a little bit and he had a big smile on his face. “What’s going on?” I asked, although I already knew. Jarek had Grayson‘s ass up in the air, and he was just about to go in. “I’m just taking it all in,” Dane said. “This is completely new to me!”

But for a newbie who has just been thrown into the deep end of the pool, he was remarkably cool about everything! When his turn came to fuck Grayson, he just went right on in. He even gave Grayson a little advice on how to arch his back!

Of course, Grayson was absolutely loving the fact that he was getting pounded, in turn, by two hot, muscular studs. And Jarek was a good coach for Dane, telling him things like, “Fuck him hard, that’s right… just like I did,” and “grab his hips!” The guys were very, very competitive! Dane and Jarek wanted to see who could fuck the best, and Grayson was happy to take it!

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