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College Boy Physicals: Jacob (and the Doctor)


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I was so happy to finally be able to close up shop and get home for some badly needed R&R. My hopes shattered immediately when I heard the clinic door open. A muscular wrestler by the name of Jacob had walked in asking for a badly needed last minute physical requested by his coach. How could I say no to the kid, anyway I guess my me time would have to wait.

I began the physical testing out his heart and his glands then had him removed the top portion of his singlet while I had him weighed. This guy was built with an amazing chest and nipples I could tease for days. I had him get off the scale and then asked him to remove his entire singlet so I could check for hernias. He had a beautiful uncut cock and a cute little ass. I was actually pretty happy I had decided to take in this last minute patient.

I had him get on the exam table while I examined his cock. Barely touching him he began to fire off a hot white load all over himself, personally I was in heaven as I kept reassuring the embarrassed, flushed, apologetic Jacob that that sort of thing happened all the time. I took that opportunity to bring my face down to his crotch to lick off the fresh warm cum while a shocked but yet extremely turned on Jacob moaned and just went with it.

I began to undress and switched spots with the young wrestler as he began to service my cock. This kid was not only a wrestling star but one hell of a cocksucker too. He brought me to a pretty awesome and badly needed climax but I wasn’t through with this guy yet.

I checked his heart beat once more and then began to worship his cock with my mouth. Sucking nice and hard while licking the underside of his foreskin, it was too much for Jacob to take and he began shooting another intense load which I was all to happy to clean up. I gave him my thumbs up and asked him to come back for a potentially exciting experiment I had in mind for the sexy geyser.

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