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Extra Big Dicks: Epic Novell and Casey Monroe

Epic Novell and Casey Monroe

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Epic Novell joins us this week on Extra Big Dicks and we have a treat for him as we welcome hottie Casey Monroe. We won’t have to worry about chemistry between these two as they sit next to each other on the couch with their hands already roaming by the time we start. Casey undoes Epic’s jeans and goes for that cock. “Yeah suck that dick” Epic moans.

Epic gets his knob polished as Casey’s spit coats his meat. Casey then stands and offers up his own thick cock to Epic. Epic grabs it, pushes back his foreskin and gets busy returning the favor. Casey grabs a fistful of Epic’s hair and uses it to bob Casey’s hot mouth up and down on his raging boner. Epic takes his time and laps that thick dick all over pleasing his new buddy anyway he can.

Casey then gets back to working on Epic’s getting it ready for more. Casey gets up on the chair and spreads those legs setting that alabaster ass on display. Epic aims his raging hard on south. Casey moans and whim!pers as he gives up that hot ass. He gasps for air as he gets his straight hole fucked. “Fuck me Daddy” he moans.

Epic then bends Casey over the chair into a doggy position. Watching Epic’s cock disappear into Casey’s hole never gets easier as Casey’s hetero hole resists it’s intruder every thrust of the way. They then switch places and Casey takes control. He sits on that meat in a reverse cowgirl and he’s home. “Yeah, you’re MY bitch now, just take it!” he grunts.

This does the trick as Casey blows a huge wad way in the air with Epic still buried in him. Epic soon blasts his sending it all ¬†Casey’s body. Who knew?-somebody ordered Fireworks!

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