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Micah Andrews, Tyler Sweet and Trevor Knight

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What Does Trevor Knight Do When He Catches Tyler Sweet Cheating? Gay Threesome! What some guys might consider a nightmare scenario certainly isn’t so bad for hairy hunk Trevor Knight in this horny gay threesome shoot from Drill My Hole!

How many of us have caught a boyfriend out with another guy? I think it’s pretty common isn’t it? I caught one boy I was dating hooking up with his ex-girlfriend while we were seeing each other, but that was actually pretty cool because I only really wanted his cock, and it cooled him off from all the deep relationship crap. The lucky guy got us both, and I definitely got what I wanted for a few more months too!

Trevor Knight is almost in that situation when he does the classic thing of coming home from the office early. His boyfriend Tyler Sweet is already naked, his cock hard and ready. He says he was waiting for him to get home and fuck his brains out, and I guess Trevor Knight isn’t clever enough to put two and two together!

Still, the sight of that boys hot smooth hole is too much for the guy to ignore and he’s soon licking that ass out and getting it ready for hit meaty cock to slide into. Tyler Sweet works on that dudes dick, licking and sucking on it and trying to keep him away from the closet… Until Trevor Knight hears a noise!

Yep, Tyler Sweet’s gorgeous young ex Micah Andrews is hiding in the closet (I think it’s been a while since he’s been in a closet!) and when Trevor sees that boys hard cock and an impressive double ended dildo he decides to live out one of his fantasies and fuck both of the boys in a hot gay threesome! Hey, if they’re gonna sneak around and have so much fun without him, it’s only fair that they share some of that action.

Bent over the bed, Micah Andrews takes the solid cock of his lovers boyfriend up his hole as he sucks Tyler’s cock. When he was sneaking around to share his dick with Tyler I don’t think he ever imagined he would end up in a gay threesome like this! The boys are made to service Trevor Knight’s meat, sharing his cock between them and taking turns to lick and suck on that throbbing meat.

Switching it up, the boys share their double ended dildo, each of them with a head of fake cock up their ass as Micah swallows Trevor’s shaft before the gay threesome fuck train! I love seeing that action; one cock inside a guy who’s cock is inside another guy… I’ve done that once before and was the lucky dude in the middle – it was so hot!

Ramming his dick into each of them, Trevor Knight really rides their asses and teaches them a lesson. He fucks the cum out of both the boys, which results in splashes of hot cream dripping over their delicious smooth muscled twink bodies before sliding his own dick free and jerking himself off to squirt his cum load over them too!

I think I’d probably react the same way if I found my boyfriend with a guy like Micah Andrews. Who could refuse all that boy cock in one session? Remember, that saying? “Don’t get mad… fuck ‘em both!”

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