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Drill My Hole: Ricky Sinz fucks Johnny Rapid

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Ricky Sinz fucks Johnny Rapid

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There’s something about being in a hotel room that totally corrupts a guy. These places just ooze sex, and whenever I’m in a hotel room you can guarantee that my cock is gonna be hard for a lot of the time, whether I’m just there on a trip or hooking up.

For a guy like Ricky Sinz, who is already so horny and need of blasting a cum load almost all the time, it’s just intensified. Any guy getting in his way is gonna face a rough gay fuck that will definitely leave his ass sore – and begging for more too!

Poor waiter Johnny Rapid doesn’t stand a chance when he’s sent up to Ricky’s room, and when he trips and sends his order flying it also sends the dominant muscle fucker into a rage! The guy is so angry, and so horny all at the same time, he decides to treat the little incompetent waiter to a lesson and get his cum load from his balls at the same time.

Unable to match the size and strength of the dominant muscle hunk, poor Johnny Rapid is soon at his mercy, having his clothes torn from his body, his cock groped and tugged, his mouth stuffed with the solid inches of Ricky’s cock!

But it’s his tight little ass that sees the most action as Ricky pins the boy down and sticks his man meat into that guys snug hole, fucking him hard and stretching that ass. Sliding that cock out, Johnny’s butt hole gapes open, ready to take that dick again and again until Ricky can’t take that soft tunnel any longer and pulls out to feed the boy his splashing hot cum load!

This is one rough gay fuck video that’s gonna have a lot of you guys blowing your wad. I know it had me on the edge a couple of times throughout, but watching that hot load splashing over Johnny’s face at the end is the final straw for me and I shot my cum everywhere!

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