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Maverick Men: Hard Love (with Gio)

Hard Love

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Hard Love, a teenage tail, is by far one of the hottest videos we have ever made.  We had such a hot time with our boy Gio last year in his first video with us, Training Gio, that we had to see him again. Gio is undeniably hot and he’s as sweet as they come. He’s got a deep masculine voice and a polite manner and you’d never guess that he’s a skilled man in the sheets.

He has beautiful lips and a sweet cock, but Hunter and I have fallen in love with his big booty. His amazing ass is prime beef! Honestly, words can’t describe; his butt must be experienced to be believed. Round and bubble-licious, it jiggles just enough and can take a thick cock hard and fast without mercy. I’m afraid we have created a monster with Gio. He loves man sex, but it has to be aggressive and dirty or he doesn’t get off.

He’s driven wild by sweaty man smell and jock straps (a boy after our own hearts). He retained the yes- sir-no-sir mentality that we taught him the first time. It’s now his way of life. After our first video together, I asked him what he liked most a bout fucking with us and he immediately responded, “I love it when you guys take control of me and make me your boy“.

Be warned; this video has a lot of verbal commands and hard mean looking sex, but it was all at Gio’s request. If you want to see more aggressive and hard sex like this, leave some comments here and let us know. Gio, when you read this I hope you have a big fat boner! We love you, sexy boy. Be a good boy and come see us in Boston real soon.

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