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Fresh SX: Dillion Brooks and Fran K

Dillion Brooks fucks Fran K

Watch Fran getting fucked by Dillion’s 9 inch cock

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This Fresh SX video was released in April 2011 already, but since Dillion Brooks is such a hot redhead, we thought it might be worth to feature this one here.

We meet Dillon at the club dressed in a suit from work. He explains he likes being in control and how the suit gives him that power to dominate.

Next we see Dillon with Fran in one of the cruising areas of the club, Dillon is sitting down, Fran kneeling on the floor worshipping his shoes, first polishing them with a cloth and then licking them clean with his tongue. Fran opens Dillon’s shirt and licks his chest while other guys hang around watching the action. Fran gets out Dillon’s cock – it is rock hard already and a nice thick 9″ one.

Dillon grabs Fran’s head and pulls him down onto his cock forcing him to deep throat every last inch. Fran strips leaving just his tie on and starts to thrust his ass down on Dillon working that huge cock deep inside him. They move up so that Dillon is now standing over Fran and takes full control of fucking his tight young ass.

Fran lays down on the couch and they fuck harder, Fran lifting his whole body so he can thrust even faster and deeper up and down on Dillon’s monster. As Fran pushes even deeper he can hold no more and spurts his creamy load over his ripped six-pack. Dillon pulls out and shoots over Fran spraying his body and face with cum, Fran trying to catch some of it in his mouth.

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