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Cody Cummings: A Fantasy Fulfilled (& Brandon Lewis)

A Fantasy Fulfilled

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Does Cody Cummings give up his ass

Cody Cummings had his share of criticism over the past years. Many porn lovers said that the bisexual jock gave the ladies a lot more attention in his scenes. Some even claimed he’s homophobic. He has never been fucked by a guy, but that might have changed. A new scene, called “A Fantasy Fulfilled” will be launched on December 14 and Cody says this is his boldest scene yet. Will Cody give up his virgin ass?

[update December 14th: after verification, we can now say that Cody will not be getting fucked in this scene]

Cody Cummings is finally satisfying his deepest carnal desire. He’s yearned for this intense passion for too long and can no longer resist the ultimate temptation. Brandon Lewis is joining Cody as he succumbs to the flames of burning desire.

His craving for flesh has now become too strong to ignore. Brandon’s mouth upon Cody’s thick, throbbing cock is pushing this mortal man of flesh to cross his own boundaries into a new realm of forbidden pleasure. As he feels Brandon’s warm, inviting breath on his neck and lips, his inhibitions melt. He’s experiencing new sensations with every caress, slipping deeper and deeper into the place where his unfulfilled fantasies have been waiting.

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