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Circle Jerk Boys: Richie Sabatini & Micah Andrews

Richie Sabatini and Micah Andrews flip fuck

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It’s always a great day when we have Richie Sabatini on our couch here at Today he’s brought along a friend we haven’t seen in a while, Micah Andrews. Micah is on the phone making plans for later. Richie comes in and tells him to hurry up and get off the phone so they can get going. Micah turns around sporting a huge boner in his shorts. “I can’t go anywhere with this!” Richie grins as he grabs Micah’s “problem”.

Richie knows exactly what to do. Micah gets up on a chair leaving his cock at mouth level for Richie to take care of. It isn’t long before Richie has Micah’s cock down his throat. Micah’s dick is finally getting the attention it’s been begging for Richie’s orders as Micah gets on his knees and does what he’s told. He swallows Richie’s cock to the hilt as he looks up for his approval. Richie just watches as Micah goes to town on that hard cock.

Micah swirls his tongue around Richie’s knob before shoving it down his throat. Micah then has Richie li! e on his back and flip his legs up so he can get at that ass. Micah wants that ass he’s been eating so he suits up as Richie sits on his dick. Micah just sits back and watches as Richie struggles to accommodate his thick cock. Richie then gets up and decides it’s his turn. He bends Micah over and slams his hard cock right up that ass.

Richie wastes no time as he pounds away at that hungry ass. Micah just takes it as he gets that ass owned. Next is a pile driver position. Richie is rock hard as his thick dick slams into Micah’s sweet spot over and over. That does the trick as Micah busts his nut all over his face and chest below. Richie isn’t far behind as he pulls out and unloads, sending his own batch splattering all over Micah’s cum covered cock and abs.

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