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Preston Dean for Randy Blue

Preston Dean loves the outdoors. There’s something about the fresh air and being out in the open that just drives him wild. At 6’1″, and 215 lbs, not to mention his dark hair and handsome features, he could turn heads in any big city nightclub but he’s not concerned with that. Finding a quiet place to pleasure himself is just fine for him.

He takes off his shirt to reveal a nice natural build, mostly smooth college muscle, all gained from hard work and hard play, rather than hours at a gym. And he loves his body. Some guys jerk off and they go right for the cock, as if nothing else matters.

Preston is different. He runs his hand all over his muscular chest, tracing the lines of his chiseled abs, lightly grazing a nipple with his fingers, and just letting the sensation of his hands roaming all over his body build the sexual energy up to a peak. Then he directs it all to his cock for one mind blowing orgasm. It’s quite different than the way a lot of guys jerk off and really something to see.

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