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Chaosmen: Darius and Foster (RAW)


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This is a crazy good match-up! Darius and Foster start off by stroking their own cocks, sneaking peeks of each other’s equipment.  Foster dives in for oral first, trying to get a feel to how to jerk and suck a cock with foreskin. He does a a great job as he wakes Darius’s cock up all the way. Darius returns the favor then the two go at it 69.

I slide a butt plug into reach for Foster who inserts it into Darius’s eager hole.  I had to teach him to tap the butt plug before the shoot. There is this awesome moment when he is tapping the butt plug, sucking his cock, and Darius has a cock in his mouth. It is like he is having the time of his life.

Darius foggily whispers, “cut”, but Foster just keeps going because he doesn’t hear it, and doesn’t realize he is about to make his buddy nut. In a daze, Darius pushes Foster off his cock and sits back quickly, fearing he is going to cum. I left in the bit of direction, because it felt natural and really showed just how turned-on and in complete bliss that Darius was. For some reason, I find it one of the hottest moments of the year.

He reached an even higher bliss when he finally got Foster’s cock up inside him. The dude can definitely handle a big dick inside of him.  There is no wincing or keeping his hand on Foster’s thigh so he wont go too deep. He is hungry for it. He eventually rides it, and geeeeez…he is grinding on it like a pro! I think Foster was even taken by surprise.

From the previous videos I knew that Darius cums on his back the easiest, and we get one of the best “Fuck the cum out of me” sequences to date.  There is just no doubt about it. Darius loves to bottom! Foster delivers this laser beam squirt almost a full foot away from Darius’s hole. How he knew he was going to shoot that far I will never know. But he coats his hole from a distance than juices him good.

Watch Foster barebacking Darius asshole

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