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Randy Blue: Cody Lake (and a FleshJack)

Cody Lake for Randy Blue

Cody Lake is so much fun.  He’s got a small frame that is packed with all kinds of good stuff.  Handsome face, furry chest and nice big dick.  He’s also got a sexual energy that seems to have no end.  Laying in the hot summer sun, beads of sweat dripping down his face, he strokes his cock not caring if anyone happens to notice.

His furry chest is shiny with sunblock  as he runs his fingers lightly over his nipples then working them down to fondle his nice low hanging balls as his other hand works up and down the shaft.  Just as easily he flips over and teases his hole with his fingers.  His face, a mask of deep concentration and ecstasy, gives you a perfect idea of how much he gets off on this.

He’ll go back to working his rock hard cock with a Fleshjack, dreaming of a hot ass he’d love to fuck.  He’s also got a bit of sass.  If you caught his live show you’ve heard the mouth this guy has on him.  But it’s all a playful game.  He loves seeing if he can get a rise out of you, in one way or another.

We think he likes to be cocky because he wants you to ram your cock in his mouth.  But behind the scenes he’s a nice as can be.  Which makes his impish stance in his videos all the more delicious.  We can’t wait to see him with some of our other Randy Blue guys.

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